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April 29, 2009
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DASH 3: ROCKMAN to Kyozo by zack-materia-hunter DASH 3: ROCKMAN to Kyozo by zack-materia-hunter
Another competition entry for :iconmegaman-legends-club:.
This time, the theme was to make a 'fake screenshot' for Megaman Legends 3 using whatever medium would do the trick.

(Although the deadline for the comp isn't until at least May 8th, I couldn't let this one sit on my hard drive for much longer.)

So there's nothing too deep going on here, Trigger going at it against some huge ass Reaverbots in an open area.
Whether this event takes place on Elysium (Heaven) or back on Terra (Earth) is up to the viewer, but notice the buildings in the distance and try to wonder what that's all about.

Some other ramblings on Inspiration and shit. ;)

In my mind, I've always thought that fights against giant enemies were always the coolest! A few that spring to mind are;
  • Super Metroid: Kraid

  • Dynamite Headdy: Spinderella

  • Megaman Legends: Bruno

  • Sonic 2006: Egg Genesis, Iblis Mk3

  • And of course, any boss from Shadow of the Collosus (If you got that from the deviation title alone, give yourself 10 points XD).

In the Legends/DASH series, you fight against different sized Reaverbots, but none that truly make you think "HOLY SHIT THAT'S HUGE!" (alright, I instantly take that back, remembering the boss of the fire ruins in Legends 2.)

I also tried to give it a kind of Lost Planet theme to it, sometimes I'll fire up that game, squint my eyes and pretend it's Megaman...
Yeah, I'll leave it at that I think- ENJOY!
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It's a shame that Capcom is now full of faggots, otherwise this would be a reality.
TELL ME ABOUT IT... Ah well. Be strong for Mega Man! ;)
some things are just a dream.
Avielsusej Mar 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent fake screenshot! you really got it right!
We sooo need Megaman Legends 3. Or a remake of the first 2 at least.

Beginning the game with Megaman being stuck in Elysium for months would be epic. Like the first quarter of the game or so. And then a mission with Roll, Bluecher and the Bonnes trying to rescue him.
Yeah. Pretty much what I envisioned in this pic. Turns out that there's other cities that now only reaverbots guard. Or something like that...either way, I'd love to explore more of Elysium in a future Legends game. :D
SolarisTheHedgehog Jun 20, 2009  Student Artist
Awesome,i wish they make Rockman Dash 3/Megaman Legends 3 soon...! :+favlove:
DWN966KuruMan May 17, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice screenshot! You put the HP gauge and special weapon gauge Mega Man X8 style! This game will definitely be for the PS3 and XBox 360! Wow! Even Mega Man has a cape, like X having a beam scarf pair in Command Mission.
I want thess to be in the following for MML3:
-Like in any shooter game, reload when out of ammo (for ranged weapons with limited ammo); when there is no more remaining ammo left, the weapon is useless.
-Experience points, like any RPG (only the character's max HP goes up).
-When locked-on to an enemy, its HP gauge shows (except when fighting bosses in which its HP gauge will show below the HUD).
-Mega Man should have special charge shot chips for his Mega Buster which will allow him to do a charged shot depending on the chip; this will apply to his allies.
-Like in Mega Man X8 and Monster Hunter, there will be a red portion of the HP gauge which will recover periodically.
-Mega Man will have allies in which he will issue commands for them, like Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (Ex. The Bonnes (Tron and Teisel), Glyde, Bola and Klaymoor)
-Like Mega Man X: Command Mission, Mega Man or his allies must find 4 parts of an Energy Canteen to form 1 Energy Canteen to restore lost HP and the amount will depend on how much HP is restored and if it is for one user or all users (Ex. 25% max HP restored for one user or all allies using it; each Energy Canteen stores 100 CE, Canteen Energy).
-Switch characters when Mega Man cannot do some portions of the game. (Ex. Some portions of the game require Tron to solve a puzzle, Teisel or Klaymoor to smash hard to open doors, etc.)
-Consumable items that cure the character from an ailment, just like in any RPG (Ex. Antidote for Poison, Revival Canteen for reviving a dead ally, etc.).
-Special Weapons and main gun parts not only for Mega Man, but for his allies as well
-New Special Weapons for Mega Man
-Gesselshaft (new version) will be Mega Man's flying fortress (I was inspired by MML2's cliffhanger cutscene where Roll, Prof. Barell, Von Bleucher and the Bonnes get Mega Man back to Terra, or Earth); it will have new rooms depending when you get an ally (like in Suikoden) or buying it (like in Tales of Eternia)
-More awesome evasive maneuvers such as side flip and back flip to avoid damage.
-Normal defending, just like Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams; however, not all attacks can be defended from.
-Gain Mega Man's allies' respects by giving them gifts, like in Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny.
-Max HP is 9999, like in most RPGs like Final Fantasy.
-Accessories with different capabilities as part of Mega Man's and his allies' equipment (Ex. A necklace that prevents Poison, An item that automatically revives the equipped ally and breaks, increase attack or defense power, etc.)
-Mega Man can only bring up to 2 allies, making a 3-man party.
-Data is still the save point with new options and functions such as switching allies, automatically restore Mega Man's and allies' HPs to max when interacting with him.
-Intro stage will be from Elysium then ends it when going back to Terra after defeating the boss there.
-Most of the BGMs will be Rock/Metal, just like Mega Man X8.
-Mega Man will have a Legends version of Rush, which will transform into any vehicle he desires, depending on the situation, such as a motorcycle, a Hover Jet, a Submarine support, as well as having Rush Search like in Mega Man 7 to search for well hidden items.
-Each character, including Mega Man, will have different footwear which will depend on a situation, such as Swimming Shoes for underwater, Dash Shoes to move faster and evade attacks when flipping is not enough, Asbestos Shoes, etc.
-Roll is still Mega Man and everyone else's Navigator/Spotter.
That's all I could think of...
Keep up the good work! I expect this game to be out soon... XD
DWN966KuruMan May 18, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I also mention that these charge shot chips are also cameo charge shots like Mega Man X's Ultimate Armor's Plasma Shot, Street Fighter's Ryu's Shinku Hadouken, piercing beam and arrow shot from Mega Man 8, and other charge shots from past Mega Man games?
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